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Year 5/6 (Owls) - Terms 4, 5 and 6

Mrs.Browning would like you to investigate these IT Skills-Building Games:



We have arrived safely at our residential... The reservoir was not as cold as it looked!

11.6.21 Homework: This week we have a Pie-Chart to investigate and then some vocabulary work to do based on words from the poem Macavity the mystery cat.

Homework 21.5.21: We have a set of comprehension questions based on a WWII doctor's diary to answer fully. Plus a little more Blitz research to do.

HOMEWORK 14.5.21: Remember to carry out your

"Listening to Life" survey this weekend!

How many lines do Sonnets have?

Which two themes do they usually follow?

What was Shakespeare saying in his 60th Sonnet?

What is this? What was it for? How high could it go?

7.5.21 Homework: We have some questions based on Train Timetables and three large Subtractions to calculate.

Homework 30.4.21:

We are going to convert times between 12 Hour and 24 Hour Clocks.

Can you identify these two types of Air Raid shelter?

Homework 23.4.21:

We have some Possessive Apostrophes to locate (beware the plurals!) and some numbers to Round to certain Decimal Places.

Who do you think that this man is?

What  is he holding? Do you know what he is saying?

EASTER HOMEWORK: To look after your fluffy Easter chick as well as you can. Here are some of the adventures that the Owls' chicks had two years ago!

HOMEWORK 26.3.21:  We have some mental Maths questions to warm up our brains followed by a list of adverbial phrases that can be combined to generate 10 interesting sentences of our own.

Can you explain to someone what our Science work has been about this week?

HOMEWORK Friday 19.3.2021: We have a sheet on calculating and comparing Fractions and Percentages to complete. Remember that homework is always due on the following Wednesday to give you time to ask on Monday or Tuesday if there is any part of it that you are unsure about.

We were incredibly lucky to be able to have a live one-hour webchat with Professor Robert Winston, one of the most prominent scientists alive today!

We had a super lesson investigating whether changes of matter states were reversible or irreversible. Can you spot any of the safety measures that we put in place?

Mr.Hygate and Mrs.Browning would like to say a big "thank you" to you all for the thoughtful and generous gifts that we received at the end of term. We really do appreciate your kindness.

We'll always be together...

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Welcome to Term 5!

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A message from The Management!

What a fantastic morning meeting and being trained by Anyika Onuora, the Olympic medal winning athlete!

We had a great session of American Football!

Welcome to Miss Menning who will be spending time with us over the coming months as part of her PGCE teaching qualification.

The Year6 children spent a morning at SALUS learning about safety in action. We even had a team score 100% on their evaluation!

Our Evacuation trip to the secret tunnels under Dover Castle and to the Battle of Britain Memorial went superbly...

What a fantastic Careers Afternoon we had! Thank you to all our visitors who helped inform us about what we may want to become in the future.

We were so fortunate to have Jim, a D-Day veteran, come and visit us today. He answered all of our questions and even showed us his medals. Thank you, Jim, and thank you to "The Bosleys" for sorting out this incredible opportunity.

We had a visit from Santander Bank today. We carried out two workshops on Money Management.

14.6.19 Homework: You have a little longer than usual to present your Spitfire Information Poster. Also see whether you can be word-perfect on the first two songs from our show.

The Balsa Wood Spitfires and Gas Mask Boxes have begun production!

Well done girls for running 5km for such a worthwhile charity!

What an action-packed week we have had! Authors, Scientists, Dramatists, Irish Dancers... Which was your favourite?


Who are you supporting?

(We know who Clémence will be cheering for!)

Monty and Hector's Mummy spotted a visitor to our school. Maybe he was looking for the Owls' classroom?

Year 6 had a wonderful day learning to paddle-board and kayak. The sea was warmer than it looks!

Year 5 had a fabulous "French Day"- mini Eiffel Towers, Tarte Tatin and singing! Thank you very much, Mrs.Tesoro.

Mr.Maker has a message for you... Glad to hear that his jokes are as bad as mine!

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See if you can find a copy of the book that we will be focussing on during English lessons...

Tell someone how we measured our lung capacity.

Do you remember how many ml of air your lungs held?

Can you spot: trachea, bronchi, bronchioles or alveoli here?

26.4.19 Homework: We all have a mental maths workout to do.

Also Year 5 have some Vocabulary exercises and Year 6 have some work on Verbs.

Goodbye and good luck, Aidan. We will miss you!

5.4.19 Homework:

Year 6 have a 5 minute maths workout to do for every morning.

We all have our own Easter chick to entertain over the holiday.

Photographic evidence needed of its greatest adventure please!

29.3.19 Homework: We have three Antarctic topics to research. Remember to present neatly as this will go into your Geography book!

Thank you so much to Aidan and his Mum for their informative presentation on Tanzania.

We seem to have been invaded by an army of 3D cardboard penguins!

The "Let's Get Cooking Gang" created a lovely meal for the future Mr.&Mrs. Blackwell!

Our Football Team did superbly to reach the Semi-Finals of the Ashford District Tournament!

This is the M.C.Escher image that we discussed during RE today...

22.3.19 Homework: We need to generate 16 pieces of data and then construct a Pie Chart.

We enjoyed an exceedingly good performance of Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book.

Attack of the Walrus!

Congratulations to the Cross Country Team!

Congratulations to our Handball Team on coming 8th in the Shepway Tournament!

Reverend Chris visited us for the beginning of Lent.

We enjoyed investigating DISSOLVING. Can you remember what the "solute", "solvent", "solution" and "saturation point" are?

1.3.19 Homework: We have some work to do on the MODE, MEDIAN, MEAN & RANGE. Plus we have some lovely ALGEBRA to try and solve!

The Year 6 children did us proud by scoring 98% at the "Safety in Action Day" in Folkestone.

If you enjoyed programming the percussion sequences today this is the link we used...

Cheese Puffs.wma

Noodle Soup.wma

Just a Grrrl (short mix).wav

Phone test 007