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Corona Virus Home Learning Pack

Joe Wicks has revealed he will be running virtual PE classes to make sure kids are keeping fit from home as schools close for the foreseeable future amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Body Coach, 33, told his followers he would be leading classes kids can do from their homes to make sure they are still getting some exercise. He said on Twitter: ‘Hello everybody, I’m Joe Wicks - The Body Coach and I’ve got an exciting announcement to make. ‘Starting Monday, every single day from Monday to Friday I’m going to do a live workout called PE with Joe on my Youtube Channel, The Body Coach TV. ‘It’s a workout specifically designed for kids because when the schools are closed there is no PE. Don’t worry, I’ve got you – I’m going to take this over. ‘I’m going to get your kids moving, feeling energised, positive, optimistic. So, tune in Monday morning 9am and every day Monday to Friday.

High Frequency Word Spelling lists, (Yr 1 are set 1, Yr 2 are set 1 & 2 plus Year 2 words). Spelling Strategies Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check This is probably the most common strategy used to learn spellings. Look: first look at the whole word carefully and if there is one part of the word that is difficult, look at that part in more detail. Say: say the word as you look at it, using different ways of pronouncing it if that will make it more memorable. Cover: cover the word. Write: write the word from memory, saying the word as you do so. Check: Have you got it right? If yes, try writing it again and again! If not, start again – look, say, cover, write, check. Trace, Copy and Replicate (and then check) This is a similar learning process to ‘look, say, cover, write, check’ but is about developing automaticity and muscle memory. Write the word out on a sheet of paper ensuring that it is spelt correctly and it is large enough to trace over. Trace over the word and say it at the same time. Move next to the word you have just written and write it out as you say it. Turn the page over and write the word as you say it, and then check that you have spelt it correctly. If this is easy, do the same process for two different words at the same time. Once you have written all your words this way and feel confident, miss out the tracing and copying or the tracing alone and just write the words.

Learning Log

Year 1 and 2 Home Learning packs. In light of the emergency closure of the school, Classroom Secrets have provided learning packs that can be used at home. As we use Classroom Secrets within school, these should match the work and strategies that your child is being taught

School closure is also a time for your child to create a project around an area that they are really interested in.  They could research the topic and report their findings.  They could make a short film, design a set of revision cards to share with their friends.  They could make a model, write a song or poem linked to the topic!

It could also be a time to get your very own Blue Peter Badge- see the link for more information!