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Year 5/6 (Owls) Terms 1, 2 and 3

Welcome to the Owls' Class Page

Congratulations to all our Year 6 House Captains, Sports Captains, School Councillors, Librarians and our Digital Leader!

I found an interesting box of old photographs whilst tidying out the attic of the Victorian building...

We were very lucky to have our own Antiques Roadshow where we could investigate Victorian artefacts including: coins, attendance medals, a child's shoes and Noah's ancestors. Thank you to Aimee's Mum, Rocco's Grandad and Noah's Great-great-great Grandmother for sharing them!

Thank you, Adam's Mum, for giving us such a fantastic presentation on your trip around South America!

8.2.19 Homework: We have some Triangle Areas and missing Angles to find.

1.2.19 Homework: Some Word-Class work, a little Decimal/Fraction convertion to do and a paragraph of your opinion on one of three characters from our book.

Bon anniversaire, Clémence! Love from the Owls xxx

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25.1.19 Homework: Quick-fire maths questions.

We had a visit from Firefighter Anna who talked to us about fire safety and prevention.

18.1.19 Homework:

Research and present a biography of one of these famous Victorians:

Alexander Graham Bell, Florence Nightingale, Dr.Barnardo, Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson or George Stephenson.

In History, we found out about how Victorian children were often used to sweep chimneys. We think that Maggie may still be wedged in one of the fireplaces in the old school building!

11.1.19 Homework: Time yourself on your Maths speed test and see how many interesting annotations you can add to the first page of chapter 2 in our reading book.

This term quite a lot of our English work will be based on the book:

4.1.19 Homework: Can you identify all 52 angles and destroy the Death Star?

Remember that straight lines have 180 degrees; opposite angles are equal; corresponding and "Z" angles will match up. Just find as many as you can!


We enjoyed our Science experiments investigating whether certain changes of state were reversible or irreversible.

Our Christingle Service was beautiful...

The Christingle factory working overtime!

À notre ami français

The Christmas Party was fun!

Well done Year 6 for presenting on The Children's Society Christingle charity during our collective worship. 

We used our computer skills (and a lot of glitter!) to create very professional looking Advent Calendars.

30.11.18 Homework: We are going to create an information display on the features of a Newspaper's front cover, with clearly labelled constituent parts.

23.11.18 Homework: We have some more quick Mental Maths Questions followed by some Plurals.


Thank you for all your donations! We almost covered Pudsey bear!

16.11.18 Homework: We have a sheet of Mental Maths Questions to attempt. Just do what you can!

If you want to check your Time-telling skills these websites are useful:

What an incredible Inter-Faith day we experienced! Thank you so much, Rev.Chris, Imam Khan and Rabbi Cliff.

Bubbles and Jedi Jeff are enjoying exploring their new home...

We will remember them artwork...

9.11.18 Homework: We need to write a Book Review to recommend a suitable book for our classmates to read. Try to include a short summary of the plot (no spoilers!); a guide to some of the main characters; who the story may appeal to (which genre and books it may be similar to); why you enjoyed it so much.

2.11.18 Homework: A quick piece of research on 4 people for Black History Month plus a couple of Fraction problems.


What an incredible day of Gospel Singing we had!

12.10.18 Homework: We have some Subtraction and Ordering of Decimals to do and also some Perimeters of irregular shapes to find.

Ask us about French shops!

Which picture do you think best fits each description of the characters in Group D?

5.10.18 Homework: We have some words to find for number-related Prefixes and some Factors & Multiples to solve.

28.9.18 Homework: Select either Jupiter or Mars to research. Scientific, historical or mythological facts should be the basis of your writing. Full sentences please; treat this as a piece of non-fiction literacy.

Can you remember where the core, corona, convection zone, photosphere and radiative zone are located?


21.9.18 Homework: We have some tricky word spellings to check and some addition and subtraction of decimals to complete.

We looked at the Northern Lights for our non-fiction writing. Can you explain to someone the science behind how they are caused?

14.9.18 Homework: This week we have a worksheet on Place Value and Decimals to complete.

7.9.18 Homework : This week I would like you to cover your Learning Journal in a suitable collage of pictures that are personal to you. If you need some sticky-back plastic to protect your images, just ask!


Year 6: You also need to prepare a letter for Mrs.Uden nominating yourself for one of the captaincy roles that will need to be filled. Be sure to explain why you would be a good choice for this job and try to convince her with examples of your previous experience and responsibilities!

Our class reader to begin with this term is 'Holes' by Louis Sachar.

It would be very useful to have your own copy if you are lucky enough to find one in a charity shop!