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Mr Tom Reynolds, Co-opted. Chair of Buildings & Finance Committee


I am the Farm Manager and Director of S. Salbstein Ltd. The farming business operates from Pent Farm, Postling. I have worked at Pent farm alongside my Uncle for the last 7 years. 


S. Salbstein ltd. is a diverse business with arable farming as the core operation. A wide range of crops to include wheat and barley are grown on the land around Pent Farm. In addition to growing arable crops we have a beef herd that graze on the chalk downland to the North of the farm. Additionally the business is a contractor that carries out farm operations for farmers throughout Kent. As the farm manger I lead all aspects of the business operations.


My skills are; budgeting, purchasing, logistics, staff management, strategic business planning and implementation, cooperation with other business and interpreting scientific data and putting this into practice alongside a sound knowledge of landscape and countryside management.


I joined Stowting as a Governor over 2 years ago.  Having three boys (Quinn year 4, Brock year 2 and Sully who is due to come to the school next year 2019/20) I have a vested interest in contributing my skills to help Stowting school remain a vital part of the rural community. As someone who works and lives in the rural community I feel strongly that our outstanding school is a cornerstone to our rural community.


Stowting school has so many strengths: Location, talented committed staff, engaged and enthusiastic children and a supportive family feel.


As with many small rural schools Stowting faces very real challenges. As a governor I hope to be able to utilise my transferable skills and experiences to help the school offer an outstanding education for all pupils.


As a relatively new governor I acknowledge the breadth, expertise and ambition of my fellow governors and as a parent this gives me much confidence in the future of the school. The role as a governor takes considerable time but is great to feel that I am contributing to school, the wider rural community and my sons’ education.   


Last year I was involved in the headteacher selection panel. As with all parents the time this took started to be of concern. However, Mrs Uden’s selection is testament to the process undertaken and the strength and clear vision from the governing body.  

Mrs Uden’s skills and enthusiasm will allow the school to build on its strengths and maintain its outstanding status.


This year I have committed to the Buildings and Finance committee. I will also be specifically helping to monitor behaviour for learning through the school. I am keen to see pupils love the challenge of learning & become resilient to failure. Pupils should be supported in such a way that they are confident to seek ways to develop, consolidate and deepen their knowledge & skills. Pupils capitalise on ways to use feedback (written/oral) to improve own learning.