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Professor Alan Colchester, Foundation Governor

I have been a Governor for 7 years, and I think was originally invited to join the board because I live very near the school and had recently retired

I was a GP in Ashford (aka Dr Coulson) for over 25 years.  Much of that time was at New Hayesbank surgery where I became senior partner, and which grew considerably while I was there, and has continued to do so since I left.   I then moved to start up a new surgery at St Stephens Health Centre in South Ashford.

As a doctor I was particularly interested in children’s health, and also worked in Paediatrics at William Harvey Hospital 2 afternoons a week.  

As GP I was responsible for running a small business and in addition was very much involved in the organisation and finance management of local health services, so I learnt a lot about public sector finance, which is often both complicated and devious.

 This year I am involved with our Building and Finance committee, and am Governor responsible for Safeguarding, to make sure we are providing a safe and secure environment in which every child can learn and develop to their full potential.  I also have a special interest in encouraging aspects of healthy living, exercise and sports in general, and hope that all will learn to love and appreciate the beautiful countryside in which we live.

 (You may see me around on my bike, or mowing the field where you can sometimes park in summer; also from time to time singing in local choirs or the church)