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Foundation (Badgers)

Forest School session 6. Thank you Debbie for this amazing experience the class has got so much from Forest schools

Forest School Session Four

We released our butterflies into the wild at Forest School.

We had a fantastic trip to Wingham Wild Life Park !

We really enjoyed learning from “The time travelling botanists” a fun and interactive show.

We have had a really hectic but fun week, thanks to all of our special guests who came in to work with us for Stowting Book Week!

Today the Badger Class enjoyed their first session of Forest School ! Thank you Debbie for an amazing afternoon in the woods!

The children have made their own version of “ The Very Hungry Caterpillar” They have chosen a mini beast to be the main character in the book. They have written and illustrated their books. They are very proud of their work and have all worked extremely hard. Well done !

The children have made their own version of “ The Very Hungry Caterpillar” They have chosen a mini beast to be the main character in the book. They have written and illustrated their books. They are very proud of their work and have all worked extremely hard. Well done !  1

The children from the Hedgehog and Badger class acted out the Easter story at different places in the school.

The Badgers really enjoyed their trip to Pizza Express. They manipulated the dough to make their pizza into a circle shape. Then they added tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. While the pizzas were cooking the children learnt about some of the fresh ingredients which can be put as toppings onto pizzas. It’s was special having the Badgers buddies to join the trip. This afternoon we talked about dividing the pizza into fractions.

During an interactive fun workshop the children learnt about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables to help the brain, bowel, bones and heart.

The class enjoyed a fun Science workshop with Professor Bubbleworks . They learnt new scientific concepts and carried out some experiments.

The children learnt about Shrove Tuesday being the day before Ash Wednesday. It is a Christian festival which is the start of lent. The class learnt how that there are four different countries in the United Kingdom. We looked at a map of the UK and found out that Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland follow different traditions eating various types of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. We then enjoyed eating pancakes !

This week the class have been working out number bonds to 10, using numicon to help them. Some of the class have written the different number bonds into an addition sentence. Well done !

This afternoon we have been celebrating the Chinese New Year. We went on a magic carpet ride and landed in China. We made Chinese money pockets to give to each other at our celebration. We made lanterns and decorated our table making models using yellow and red constructing toys. Finally we shared a Chinese meal trying out noodles, rice, spring rolls and also prawn crackers.

We made binoculars and then tried them out on our walk. Can your child use the pictures to tell you about all the things we saw today?

Fei ended our Chinese New Year topic by kindly coming to talk to the class about the Chinese New Year !

The Badgers enjoyed working with other children in the school learning all about e safety. At the end of the day in their house group they put on a show they were either meanies or robots

Our fingers are getting so strong from our weekly sewing sessions. Mrs Joy has been working hard to teach us how to sew our own penguins.

The Badgers made a snowman with Mrs T during their playtime this morning. In the afternoon we decided to try to make a snow dog to go with him. Sadly, there wasn’t much snow despite us going on a snow hunt. We did find some in the church yard though. So we decided to add to our snowman. Rupert and Elizabeth found some snow which was camouflaged against the large white storage sacks. We added a carrot for a nose and Eva made a scarf and hat. Harry and Teddy decided that he should be called Frosty. Harry decided that stick arms would be a good addition. I was very proud at how well the class worked as a team listening to each other’s ideas. Well done Badgers fantastic team work !

We have been practising our Addition work. We are able to read an addition sentence and work out the answers using counters. We have even had a go at writing our own addition sentence. Well done !

KUW: We have been learning all about the importance of feeding birds during the cold weather. We made some bird food and counted the different birds which visited our gardens.

The Badger January Newsletter 2019

We have been Scientists today ! We started off the afternoon by asking the children what polar bears needed to keep them warm. Some of the children said fur and others said they could go their cave.  We discussed how we as humans keep ourselves warm outside. We decided that we use coats, jumpers clothes, mittens scarves and hats to keep us warm in cold weather. In our non fiction book alll about bears we found out that bears have an extra layer of fat called blubber, which keep them warm. Then we put gloves on and covered one of our hands in lard. We then put both hands into freezing cold water, and to our surprise discovered how much warmer our hands were when they were covered in lard. 
( sorry I don’t have photos of everyone as I ended up having lard on my hands!...) 

The Badgers enjoyed learning about fire safety.

The Badger Class enjoyed going on a 2D and 3D shape hunt all around the school.

A big thank you to the Owls for helping us to make our Christingle oranges.

The Badgers and some of the Hedgehogs dressed up and learnt about Islam from Iman Ihsan Khan.

The Badgers and some of the Hedgehogs learnt about Judisam from Rabbi Cliff to celebrate Inter Faith Week.

This week we have been learning all about Diwali. Binu from Year 2 is a Hindu and she came in to tell us how she celebrates Diwali. We made fireworks, rangoli patterns and then finished our afternoon pretending we were celebrating Diwali. We took our shoes off and sat on the floor to eat. We listened to Indian music and finished off our celebration by saying a Hindu prayer. What a busy day we have had but lots of fun! Have a good weekend everyone!

We enjoyed tasting the fruit from the Handa’s Surprise story with the Rabbit class.

Making Apple and Blackberry Crumbles

This week we have been making repeating patterns.

Our first day at school.

Our first day at school.  1 Our first visit to the library.
Our first day at school.  2 We chose a book to take home and share read.
Our first day at school.  3 We enjoyed snack time!
Our first day at school.  4 We went to visit Mrs Ciccone!
Our first day at school.  5 Mrs Uden was very pleased to see the new Badgers.
In the Badger Class each child has their own online learning journal and most photos are uploaded onto these pages. 

Our first walk of the term.

Our first walk of the term.  1
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