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Testimonials taken from Parent Questionnaires April 2019


 1. My child is happy at this school - 99% Agree

Lovely environment, committed teachers and new Head/Sarah is fantastic

Any concerns are dealt with immediately and with empathy

Both of my children love school, they feel happy, safe and always tell me lots about what they are learning.

2. My child makes good progress at this school - 100% Agree

Teachers and the children work hard to achieve their best outcomes

I’ve been really impressed at how the work is targeting each child’s ability. This is a vast improvement from her previous school

Both children love their teachers and love learning at school

3. My child is well looked after at this school - 100% Agree

Everyone here is so lovely. Mrs Uden is doing a fantastic job, as are all the teachers

Excellent pastoral care. Teachers listen to the children and act on any concerns they have

My child is very happy and despite being shy, he is made to feel confident and secure

4. My child is taught well at this school - 100%

I can’t praise the teaching staff enough for how well they teach – they know how to make lessons interesting

Loves learning and voluntarily talks about what he is learning and all very positive

Brilliant teaching staff!

Both our children consistently surprise with the knowledge they are accruing

5. My child receives appropriate homework for their age - 96% Agree (2% said more & 2% less)

I like the clear path of homework (words/x tables). These are manageable and achievable

Really happy with Year 1 changes allowing us more time to focus on spelling and reading.

Not too onerous and keeps him going

6. This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved - 98% Agree

School encourages good behaviour and Christian values

Discipline is important but it is done in a kind manner 

Children are all well behaved. Good manners and behaviour are a strength

7. This school deals effectively with bullying - 99% Agree or don't know as no incidents 

This is a particular strength

No sign of any bullying

Takes it seriously and deals with any small issues swiftly

8. This school is well led and managed - 99% Agree

Stowting is a special school, with such a warm and friendly, family feel and the drive for improvements from Mrs Uden are all extremely welcome. The staff, without exception as so clearly committed and their efforts, very much appreciated

The school is ‘VERY well led.

We are very happy at Stowting. We really appreciate how hard the teaching/leadership team work.

9. This school responds well to any concerns I raise - 99% Agree or don't know as no concern

Agree, very much so, incredible communication and care

We had an issue which was resolved straight away - very impressed

Very proactive in regards to concerns with good outcomes

10. I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress - 100% Agree

Excellent communication from teachers and Headteacher

Parents’ Evening is great – face to face. Love the detailed report style and also that it tells me about my child not just work. 

This year has been great with valuable information about my child

11. Would you recommend this school to another parent? - 100% Agree

Yes, absolutely agree! Excellent experience all round

I am totally impressed by this lovely school, have, and will continue to promote the school to friends and family

100%! Very happy. Thank you for all the hard work and commitment from all the staff. This school offers above and beyond. The new Head, Mrs Uden and all of her staff, are caring and hold great morals and offer great care and support to our daughter