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Guide for New Entrants

When deciding which school to choose for your child

Mrs Uden is always pleased to meet any prospective parents and their children prior to our formal Open Days as she is keen to show off the school. To make an appointment please email  or telephone the school Office Manager, Ms  Suzi Ciccone on 01303 862375 and she will arrange a suitable time and date for your visit.

Once your child has been allocated a place at Stowting School


Building safe and trusting relationships

We are firmly of the opinion that the more relationship building opportunities we provide to you and your child, the smoother the start to big school will be. As our school is fed by many different nursery providers, we ensure that we visit every child in their nursery setting so as to begin to build a bond with your child in the safety of their already comfortable environments. Then, over the course of the Summer term, we offer numerous different activities whereby the children can spend time in the school - Stay and Play sessions initially with you and then without you (don't worry, you are just close by having coffee and getting to know the other Mums and Dads). We also do a Fun Day which incorporates a Teddy Bear's picnic when your child's appointed Year 5 Buddy will be on hand to look after them. The Buddies will be friendly face waiting for your child in September.  


Starting school in September (common practice for most schools)

We like to ease children into school slowly in September so they are given the best possible start to school life. We typically have an INSET day (staff training/organisation day) at the start of the term and so often the first week is not a full week. In general, the first three days are morning only sessions followed by two days at the end of the week when the children stay for lunch and lunchtime play. In week two, the children are in school for the full day thereafter.  


Feedback on how well your child is settling into school life

We pride ourselves on being a warm and friendly team. The teachers and TA are highly prominent at the beginning and end of the day and will be happy to inform and reassure you of how your child is adapting to their new school environment. 


Starting Big school is a very exciting time in your child's life!