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Who's Who in the School

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Picture 1 Mrs Sarah Uden (Headteacher)
Picture 2 Ms Ciccone (Office Manager)
Picture 3 Mrs Anderson (SENCO)
Picture 4 Mrs Cullen (EYFS Teacher)
Picture 5 Mrs Jackson (Year 1/2 Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs Pearson (Year 3/4 Teacher)
Picture 7 Miss Springate (Year 3/4 teacher)
Picture 8 Mr Hygate (Year 5/6 Teacher)
Picture 9 Mrs Horton (Specialist P.E. Teacher)
Picture 10 Mrs Andrea Heywood (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 11 Mrs Brown (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 12 Ms Nicholls (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 13 Mrs Tesero (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 14 Mrs Holland (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 15 Mrs Goss (HLTA)
Picture 16 Mrs Fraser (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 17 Mr Moore (Caretaker)
Picture 18 Mrs H. Hill (Meal Supervisor)
Picture 19 Mrs T. Hill (Meal Supervisor)