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Stowting Church of England Primary School


The new SIAMS Evaluation Schedule came into operation in September 2023.

The 2023 SIAMS Framework does not reimagine what it means to be a Church school but the approach taken by SIAMS inspectors will be slightly different from before. Instead of focusing on lists of inspection criteria, inspectors will explore with school leaders whether and how, through its theologically rooted Christian vision the school is living up to its foundation as a Church school, enabling people to flourish. High level Inspection Questions (IQs) will provide a structure within which this can be done.

There are six IQs for (former) voluntary controlled schools.

  • IQ1 How does the school’s theologically rooted Christian vision enable pupils and adults to flourish?
  • IQ2 How does the curriculum reflect the school’s theologically rooted Christian vision?
  • IQ3 How is collective worship enabling pupils and adults to flourish spiritually?
  • IQ4 How does the theologically rooted Christian vision create a culture in which pupils and adults are treated well?
  • IQ5 How does the theologically rooted Christian vision create an active culture of justice and responsibility?
  • IQ6 Is the religious education curriculum effective (with reference to the expectations set out in the Church of England’s Statement of Entitlement for Religious Education)?
  • IQ7 What is the quality of religious education in (former) voluntary aided schools, or in former voluntary controlled schools in which denominational religious education is taught?

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

Stowting CEP School had its last SIAMS inspection in October 2017. Please find our report below.

SIAMS Report