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Stowting Church of England Primary School


Our aim for History at Stowting Primary School is to ensure that all pupils develop an awareness of the past; an understanding of the present and have an insight into how both impact on the future. 

At Stowting, we provide a rich and varied History curriculum that has been designed to inspire our pupils’ curiosity and fascination about Britain’s past and the wider world. We aspire for our children to develop into active learners who have a passion for History and are equipped with the skills to think and make decisions as historians now and in their futures. Our History curriculum aims for our children to be inspired, engaged and challenged. We want them to leave our school able to ask perceptive questions, to think critically, to weigh evidence and sift arguments, we encourage their natural inquisitiveness, we want them to have a thirst for learning about the past and analyse it with a critical and open mind. These skills will enable our learners to develop their perspective and judgement both as historians and global citizens. 

History Curriculum Statement

Stowting History Curriculum