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Year 3/4 (Owls) - Terms 1, 2 and 3

Welcome to the Owls' Class Page!

Optional Half-term Homework!

Using materials of your choice can you construct a rectangular Roman shield? Your scutum can be full size, half-size or a small scale model. Please try to make it look as realistic as possible.

These are quite useful websites that you may find helpful:


Miss.Reygate's tortoises visited and inspired us with our Roman mosaics!

We had a fantastic afternoon when Harri's Dad came to talk to us all about our skeletons and muscles!

Thank you Mrs.Horton for this term's excellent gymnastics lessons!

Still image for this video

As part of our Robin Hood work on Legends, Eden's Mummy came in to show us her longbow. We held some arrows, saw a target and asked lots of questions!

We looked at lots of decorations and made our own lucky envelopes to celebrate! 

Here are some of us with Miss.Reygate who will be helping to teach us until Easter.

Homework 27.1.17: We have some Time questions to do this week and are trying to find out extra facts about the Legend of Robin Hood.

Homework 20.1.17:  Column Subtraction and can you create 2 Haiku poems?

13.1.17 Homework: Homophones - don't forget to write an interesting sentence for the version of the homophone not needed on the sheet. 

Playtimes are much more fun in the snow!

6.1.17 Homework: Try to decode the calculations from the Roman Numerals but give me the answers as Julius Caesar would have!

There is a good Roman Numerals game that you might want to investigate here:

Post Early for Christmas!

Mr.Hygate, Mrs.Ciccone and Mrs.Fraser would like to say a great big THANK YOU for all the generous gifts that they received. We hope that your Christmas was a happy and peaceful one.

We really enjoyed teaching the rest of the school how to make Christingles for our service!

It was the Owls' job to count all the money that was donated in the Christingle boxes.

We raised over £300 for the Children's Society!

Mr.Hygate enjoyed an excellent performance by our pianists at Saltwood Village Hall last Sunday!

Homework 2.12.16: Column Addition!!! Just a little revision of how we calculate these.

18.11.16 Homework:  London Landmarks! You have 2 weeks for this piece of information research to be finished, so really take the time to get the illustrations and factual sentences looking fantastic.

We had a super visit to the cinema today to round off our Stone Age work. Thank you to the INTO FILM Festival for the free tickets!

11.11.16 Homework:  Three descriptive paragraphs on "The Good Dinosaur" film and a tiny piece of Antonym revision.
Can you explain what this picture is all about to someone?

Homework 4.11.16: Can you identify the triangle types on your sheet? Can you use an apostrophe for contraction or omission? Let me know if you can't!

Where do the Owls like to read their Mr.Men books?

We had a very special visitor in our classroom today...

The Bishop of Dover.

Don't forget the competition to read a Mr.Man book in the most surprising place!

The display of our Mr.Men books is complete!

We had a lovely time today reading all the Mr.Men books that we have written to the Badgers.

Homework 14.10.16: Stonehenge Research Sheet!

30.9.16 Homework: We have some Alphabetical Order problems to sort out and some measuring work too. Remember Owlets that 0.5 means one half! 

23.9.16 Homework: We have some work to do on rounding numbers and a sheet on either adjectives or double consonant spelling words.

We have been busy this week constructing our own Stonehenges!

Homework 16.9.16:  We have a Sequencing worksheet to complete this week and everyone should know which X-table they are revising for Wednesday's test.

This is a fun website to help with your learning!

Our Class Reader this term is "Stig of the Dump" by Clive King.