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Stowting Handwriting initiative.

Handwriting is often the very first contact you have with someone who potentially has the power to change the course of your life. This could be a test examiner, a prospective employer, or simply someone whom you wish to thank.
In our digital age some think this an anachronism... However, a clear, legible and flowing hand is always a skill worth possessing. Our Government definitely thinks so - when the new curriculum was designed and rolled out in 2014, much consultation w...ith employers flagged up a definite requirement for legibility in handwriting, as well as correct spellings & grammatically correct writing.
Stowting is pursuing a sea change in the way we teach our children to write. As well as a higher expectation in their ability to produce clear, legible handwriting, we are teaching the formation of letters from scratch, to this method. For this, we have designed a programme which will intuitively nurture handwriting. The sequence of letters will be taught in the order specified in this example. Letters will not be taught "alphabetically", but in similar groups based on formation. In this way, not only are letters formed using common learned movements, but advantages are gained, say, with the separation of "b" & "d" into disparate groups, to help prevent substitution.
Please feel free to bolster your child's learning at home by using this technique & the agreed formations. (note: there are options for certain letters, such as "f" and "s" - you simply choose the one found to be the easiest to your style. Capitals & numbers are taught separately.)


I'm sure that Jack won't mind you seeing his handwriting in the October Big Write:


Just two months later, in the December Big Write, this is where he is currently at:


We also seem to have some rather prestigious supporters...