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** Stars of the Week **

The Stars of the Week for the last two weeks are:-


Apologies for the delay in posting these, but the Stars of the Week for LAST week were:-


Badgers - Daniel for taking pride in his work.


Hedgehogs - Noah C. for some lovely writing all about someone special to him.


Owls - Maude for a carefully researched and well presented non-fiction poster.


Otters - Yola for excellent Maths work with Mrs Skilton.


The Class of the Week were the Badgers, who earned 33 Well Done Vouchers.


The Stars of the Week for THIS week are:-


Badgers - Oscar for excellent concentration and motivation. Oscar is always on task, getting the most out of his learning.


Hedgehogs - Elliot K-L. for making a big improvement with his handwriting.


Owls - Lydia for her knowledge of fables and morals, and her retelling of the story of "The boy who cried wolf".


Otters - Thomas H. for showing a marked level of maturity in school this week.


The Class of the Week were the Owls, who earned 47 Well Done Vouchers.


The Chef of the Week was Sam T. for being a brilliant chef. He has a mature attitude, is a sensible member of the club, and with fabulous manners too!


Well done everyone!