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Although the money is still trickling in, we are now in a position to share the total raised by the school community so far.


We have had a huge effort which included a half marathon (thank you Mrs Skilton!), a sponsored silence (well done to the Otters class!), tickling of the Otters to try to make them break their silence, extra paid-chores at home and a jewellery sale.


It really has been a whole school effort, but extra praise must go to the Otters and their supportive friends and families, because the majority of the money was raised by their sponsored silence.


The total so far is ... drum roll please ... our small school with just 100 children has raised in excess of an astounding, massive, awesome, fantastic ... £1,850!!


Well done to everyone who has been involved!


This means that we are able to name a guide dog puppy, and also to follow a litter of puppies. Thank you to each and every one of you that contributed to this fantastic total.