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Year VI Homework

Homework for the week 24/11/2017 - Due back on 04/12/2017:

Research, explanation, illustration & presentation.

This week, we have been looking at Fractions, a word which strikes fear into most children... We need to be able to teach someone what they are and what they can be used for. It is important that we understand what they mean & are able to explain this to anyone who asks; be they a year R child, or a parent...

Year VI:

You are to create a poster or document to explain / expand on the relationship of Fractions to percentages and decimals. You may choose one of the following audiences to present them to: KS2 or an Adult. It must be accurate, descriptive & illustrated with pictures & examples from real life. (Ask me for card etc. if you have none)

If you wish to extend your work, you may present it in the form of a video presentation, dedicated website, information text, or even a magazine article describing Fractions in our daily life. - is the website where you may create a website for free.

If you wish to extend your work further, you may create a year 5 level Fractions test, which you can give to them instead of a RYG test one week.


This work will be shared with the whole class, that is why I am giving you until Monday the 4th of December. It must be completed by that day and be of sufficient quality that it can be used immediately. Any homework not to the required Stowting standard will be returned for replacement with a suitable example commensurate with your year group.



Think out of the box, prepare a plan (which I'd like to see handed in as well) use your recent skills learnt in Literacy, Maths & Science - punctuation, extended sentences, Information texts, scientifically exact language, illustration with numerical examples. Research what exactly Fractions means to your chosen audience. If in doubt - ask! Finally, don't leave it until the last weekend - remember, I can smell your fear.... Last of all - enjoy it!

Homework for the week 10/11/2017 - Due back on 20/11/2017:

Following on from our studies in Topic about Athens & Sparta, I'd like a piece of work to present the differences between these two monumental cultures.


  • Emerging work will be someone writing about the major points regarding Spartan & Athenian lives.
  • Expected work will look at several points from each culture in detail & compare one with another.
  • Greater depth work will build on the Expected work, compare geography & link to things we have in our culture today, which is thanks directly to what these two major City States achieved.

You may present your work in any format, however, I will be looking for the following inclusions from our recent Literacy work:

  • Correct use of colons & semi-colons in the writing.
  • Excellent presentation & handwriting (work may be produced on a computer)
  • A detailed plan guiding the work.
  • Any research you have done to be attached to the final piece.

What I do not want:

  • Shabby work stuck in your learning journal.
  • work done on separate sheets. (apart from computer generated sheets)
  • copy & paste rubbish...

Any problems, please do ask & feel free to use items from your Topic books & note books. Enjoy!


No Homework?..


Oh yes! - here's a clue - check your weekly S******g.

Homework for the week 06/10/2017 - Due back on 16/10/2017:

Following on from our investigation of poetic description in Literacy, I’d like you to have a go at describing 8 household objects in poetic terms. To help: think about the perspectives we’ve studied –




and metaphor

Here’s an example – look at the picture…

"Steaming cauldron of swirling dark liquid, like a bottomless lake of intense caffeine. Steam launching off your burnished surface, the pungent wisps enticing me over. Enveloped in pure white porcelain, I long to plunge into your bitter heaven."

Do you get it? I didn’t mention the name of the object, just what I can do / smell / taste / feel / sound like. Have a go – remember to use the spider diagram rough notes as we did in class…

Homework 29.09.2017: (due back on 09.10.2017)

This week, your goal is to provide an explanation of how God is portrayed in the amazing three ways above , within the short passage of scripture you have been given (Downloads below)

What I DO NOT require:

  • messy, sloppy & last minute work.
  • one line answers / work with little or no thought.
  • writing which is obviously written without passion, interest, individuality or care...

What I DO require:

  • a homework which has been crafted with pride & reflects the copious discussions we have had in class.
  • you to think out of the box & put in an amount of effort which you would do in class.
  • for you to have fun and enjoy your task.
  • PLUS - Year VI...
  • I can employ semi-colons, colons

    hyphens & brackets in punctuation.

    I can skillfully employ sub-clauses in my writing.

    I can uplevel my writing by using

    embedded clauses in my work.

I have enclosed the relevant scripture texts as a down load below.

Hint: Look up quality definitions of Omnipresent etc. prior to working...

You can provide the work in any format you choose.  Computer work, or written. Only individual work please.

Lastly... If you are not having fun, or are not totally absorbed by what you are attempting, stop, think and try another approach.  If learning isn't fun, it isn't worth doing. Good Luck.

Homework 16.09.2017: (due back on 25.09.2017)

This week, as you have worked incredibly hard in class, a treat to start - I require a new cover for your learning journal created.  Remember - you have requested to do this - Don't let me down.

What I DO NOT require:

  • messy, sloppy & last minute work.
  • a cover which is so thick, it will not function correctly.
  • a cover which has not been designed with passion, interest, individuality or care...This is NOT a 'Doss' homework - do not present one, it will be returned.

What I DO require:

  • a cover which has been crafted with pride & reflects you as an individual & the work that will be contained within it over the year. (Base your ideas on the different subjects we learn in school)
  • you to think out of the box & without restraint.  Simply put in the amount of effort which you would do in class.
  • for you to have fun and enjoy your task. (All Minecraft, Pokémon & Super Hero covers will be pulped!)

I have enclosed some amazing examples to stimulate your imagination - use them as something to fire yourself up - I am not expecting something to be exhibited in the Tate Modern, merely something which will reflect your own individual personality & what you enjoy in school.

Lastly... If you are not having fun, or are not totally absorbed by what you are attempting, stop, think and try another approach.  If learning isn't fun, it isn't worth doing. Good Luck.