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Year VI Homework

Homework 16.09.2017: (due back on 25.09.2017)

This week, as you have worked incredibly hard in class, a treat to start - I require a new cover for your learning journal created.  Remember - you have requested to do this - Don't let me down.

What I DO NOT require:

  • messy, sloppy & last minute work.
  • a cover which is so thick, it will not function correctly.
  • a cover which has not been designed with passion, interest, individuality or care...This is NOT a 'Doss' homework - do not present one, it will be returned.

What I DO require:

  • a cover which has been crafted with pride & reflects you as an individual & the work that will be contained within it over the year. (Base your ideas on the different subjects we learn in school)
  • you to think out of the box & without restraint.  Simply put in the amount of effort which you would do in class.
  • for you to have fun and enjoy your task. (All Minecraft, Pokémon & Super Hero covers will be pulped!)

I have enclosed some amazing examples to stimulate your imagination - use them as something to fire yourself up - I am not expecting something to be exhibited in the Tate Modern, merely something which will reflect your own individual personality & what you enjoy in school.

Lastly... If you are not having fun, or are not totally absorbed by what you are attempting, stop, think and try another approach.  If learning isn't fun, it isn't worth doing. Good Luck.