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Year V Homework

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Homework 26.02.2018: (due back on 09.03.2018)


This week, I would like you to use the skills on description and imagery which we have examined in Literacy.  You are to:

Now - choose your most precious possession. Sit and study it carefully, think about how it looks, smells, feels, sounds and if relevant, tastes... Now, without mentioning it's title or name once, create a holographic description / image of it.  You should write two detailed paragraphs describing it - if you are successful, when read out, the listener should be able to identify your mystery possession.  Use all the skills you have been employing over the past two weeks in school. You must use 5S's, comparisons, personification & similes!

What I DO require:

  • a description which has been crafted with pride & reflects your passion which you have for the object / setting.
  • writing which creates a 3D image for all to marvel at.
  • you to think out of the box & put in an amount of effort which you would do in class.
  • feel confident enough to try new language - even if you cannot spell it all correctly at this point in year 5, I don't mind.   Remember, for every success there are many failures...
  • for you to have fun and enjoy your task.

What I DO NOT require:

  • A poem!!!
  • messy, sloppy & last minute work.
  • illegible handwriting which looks like the secret code of spiders.
  • writing which actually makes me fall asleep (I do mark work late at night sometimes) or without passion, interest, individuality or care... Remember, Show, don't tell.

Lastly... If you are not having fun, or are not totally absorbed by what you are attempting, stop, think and try another approach.  If learning isn't fun, it isn't worth doing. Good Luck.