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Year 5 Homework

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If your last homework was returned in the 'NOT SATISFACTORY' pile - you need to redo the homework to the agreed standard, BEFORE completing the homework below...

How many did you get correct?

How many did you get correct?  1

Homework - week beginning 08.05.2017 - Return by Tuesday 16th May - no fail!

This week, you are to:

Prepare detailed sketches / small coloured / painted sections of your chosen view of Stowting.  These are to be completed in your Art Books & used to assist your final piece, which will be worked on for our Art Exhibition.


I will accept artwork in any medium.  The pictures to assist you are in the everyday page of the class webpage.

Homework - week beginning 17.04.2017 - Return by Tuesday 2nd May - no fail!

This week, you are to:

Choose 10 spellings, FROM THE YEAR 5 SPELLING LIST, which you have incorrectly attempted from your test.

You should study the words from the test, work out what you did wrong & create a complex sentence which uses the word in context - this will aid you to successfully attempt the word / spelling again in the future. I require a definition of the word in addition to this.

You will be tested on these words, at any time of the day or night, at any location...

Homework 20.03.2017: (due back on 18.04.2017)


This week, I would like you to use the teaching about the muscles in our body,  which we have examined in science. 

You are to:

Explain in detail how TWO different muscles work in our body.   -  You should study the notes we have made in class over the past three weeks and create a document (I'll allow you to present it in any format you think fit) to provide an explanation of how it works. I need the science accurately explained, then, presented in an informative manner as if it were a stunning piece of literacy...

Don't forget you will need to use diagrams / sketches to illustrate your ideas - I've even had a child in the past build a model to show exactly what they mean! Go on, have a go... It's excellent fun.

Homework 10/03/2017 (to be completed by 20/03/2017)

Stowting Local Area.



Please study the images above:

Using your knowledge gained in class over the past week on the maps, topography & climate of Stowting, I would like you to explain the following:

Your task is to put forward an explanation / argument why Stowting was predominantly a farming area:


You are to:

  • using the maps, explain how you think this is true. (Clue: look at the location of Stowting!)

  • look around the area, what food do you think the inhabitants might have hunted / harvested / grown?

  • use presentation so wondrous, it will make anyone reading it weep with joy

  • use writing worthy of a Literacy lesson.


If you are feeling adventurous (an extension)

Explain what is the type of soil / land where Stowting is located?


Good Luck. Any problems, please do ask. One to two pages of work will be sufficient. You may add diagrams etc. to support your ideas.


(Massive hint: Think about our discussions in class on how maps are a window / evidence from the past - Who has remembered their notebooks?!)

Homework for week beginning: 20/02/2017: due back on 06/03/2017.

This week, I would like you to use the skills you learn on Friday in our dictation lessons.

You are to:

Choose 5 spellings, FROM THE YEAR 5/6 NATIONAL CURRICULUM SPELLING LIST. (You can find the entire lists on our 'sneaky cheats' page next to this one)

You should study the words from the list, chose five and write a complex sentence which uses each word in context - this will aid you to successfully attempt the word / spelling again in the future.

I require a definition of the word in addition to this.