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Year 3/4 (Owls) - Terms 1, 2 and 3

Welcome to the Owls Class!

This web-site has some helpful games to continue our work with Equivalent Fractions:

Aslan is on the move in our class reading book!

17.11.17 Homework: Adding Fractions with the same denominator.

(We are not half bad at these!)

                                    Also Apostrophes for contraction or omission.

(We're good at these too, aren't we?)

Mr.Hygate was lucky enough to attend a lovely Piano Concert in Saltwood Village Hall on Sunday.

George, Alice, Seb and Thomas painted some beautiful poppies at Mr.Lilley's Watercolour Club.

10.11.17 Homework: Year3 have a guide to Triangles and Year4 have some Subtraction revision.
3.11.17 Homework: How well can you read information from a Calendar?
Thank you for all your generous donations to our...

After all our work on Mummification, see whether you can complete this "Mummy Maker" game!         Click on the link below to play...

13.10.17 Homework:  How much of our Harvest Poem will you be able to learn?

The Owls Cross Country Team did superbly in the Shepway Competition! First in the Year3 boys' race, first in the Year4 girls' race and the Team won BRONZE MEDALS over all! Thank you, Mrs.Hagger for training us!

We were visited by 2 policemen today who kindly showed us all over their policecar. We feel very safe knowing that they are there to help us.

6.10.17 Homework: We have some Measuring problems to solve this week.

Here is the timetable for the Parental Consultations on Monday 9th October.

Wednesday 4th October. 

We celebrated Moon Day or Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival today.

We were read a story in Mandarin and shared Moon-cakes!

29.9.17 Homework: We have some Nouns and Adjectives to identify and a couple of Connectives to use.

We had great fun investigating telephones during our Science experiment!

22.9.17 Homework: Maths this week- Some ordering, some < or > and some rounding to keep you busy!

Can you explain to someone where this photo is of and why it looks like this?


15.9.17 Homework: We have some research to carry out on the Ancient Egyptians this week.

Can you explain what is happening here?

Useful Class Information:

Our Homework is always set on a Friday and then is due in on the next Wednesday.

This should give plenty of time to ask if unsure about what is required.

Homework will always be a reinforcement of what we have been doing in class and so should never be completely alien to the children!

It should last between 20 and 30 minutes. If it is taking longer then you can stop wherever you managed to reach.

Times tables tests are on Wednesday mornings and practice tests are available (just ask). 

This term's Class Reader is "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S.Lewis. If you can find your own copy in a charity shop, it will come in very handy!