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Year 1 (Hoglets)

September 2016.

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Welcome to Year 1 - Hoglets!



Year 1 Homework - 27th May 2016


Could all home journals be back in school by Wednesday at the latest please


Could you listen to your child read their school book every night. Reading is an important part of children's education and although I aim to listen to them read once a week, they progress much quicker from daily reading at home. Please remember there are also books on BugClub for your child to read.



There will be no Maths homework over the half term but please continue to practise your number bonds.



This week I did a practise phonics screening on every child to get them used to how the actual test will be. The phonics screening will take place on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th June and although every child did very well, the sounds that proved to be most difficult to spot in a word were the split diagraph sounds - o_e   i_e   a_e   e_e   u_e. Please continue to practise these over the half term break.



Senses poetry - w/c 16th May 2016


This week in Literacy we have been learning about our senses. On Tuesday we had our very own sensory room. We turned the classroom lights off and had pretty lights on the Smartboard, a lava lamp, candles, vanilla incense burning, fresh fruit to taste, soft cushions and teddies to sit on and peaceful music to listen to.

Our Sensory Room

That's What I Like


We read and learnt a poem about the senses and worked in groups to read a verse each to the rest of the class.


That’s What I Like


Giant slides and swings

Kites on long strings

Smiles Grandma brings

That’s what I like to see.


        Loud music and bells       

Giggles and yells

Stories mum tells

That’s what I like to hear.


        Sweeties to munch         

Carrots that crunch

Ice cream for lunch

That’s what I like to taste.


Freshly baked bread

Shampoo on my head

Clean sheets on my bed

That’s what I like to smell.


Silky smooth ribbons

Soft purring kittens

Warm woollen mittens

That’s what I like to touch.


                 Janice Johnston


Here we are reading our poems to each other.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14

The Three Billy Goats Gruff - w/c 2nd May 2016


This week we have continued looking at traditional tales. We listened to the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We then ordered pictures and retold the story in our own words. We also acted out the story in small groups.


Cinderella - w/c 25th April


This week we have looked at different versions of Cinderella and the way they are told. We worked in groups to do a freeze frame and then we ordered the story and drew our own freeze frame.


On Thursday we watched someone retell the story without a book. We discussed how we can change our voices and expression when retelling a story and we worked in groups to retell it in our own words.


Can your child retell you the story of Cinderella in their own words? What other stories can they tell you from memory?


Dear Greenpeace - w/c 11th April 2016


This week we started looking at a book called Dear Greenpeace. It is about a little girl called Emily who writes a letter to Greenpeace asking for information about whales when she sees a whale in her pond.



In class we researched on the internet about Greenpeace to try and find out about all the different things they do. We also unscrambled sentences about blue whales so that they made sense. We had to ensure that each sentence started with a capital letter and ended with a full stop. At the end of the week we spoke about all the things we had learnt about blue whales and then talked about what else we would like to find out. We wrote questions in our books, remembering to end them with a question mark instead of a full stop.




We will continue looking at Dear Greenpeace next week.

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain w/c 7th March 2016


This week we have been reading an African story called Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain. We ordered pictures from the story one day in small groups. We then ordered the words and identified the nouns in each sentence. We then used post-it notes to write down any of the words in the story that we thought were interesting.

Owl Non-Fiction Books

Nocturnal Animals - w/c 25th January 2016


This week in Literacy we have been looking in non-fiction books and on the internet to find out more information about owls. We used this information to start making our own non-fiction books about owls.


Our fact sheets and books will be put on a display on Monday, watch this space for photos of the display.


Nocturnal Animals - w/c 18th January 2016


This week in Literacy we have been looking in non-fiction books and on the internet to find out information about nocturnal animals.


We loved finding out lots of information.


The website we looked at was


Next week we will be looking more closely at finding information about owls.

Usborne Book of Big Trucks

During the third and fourth week of term we looked at a book called The Usborne Book of Big Machines, which is a non-fiction book. We looked at the title page, the contents and the index and learnt how to use them to find information in a book.
We focussed on the chapter about trucks and looked at their different features. We looked at their labels and the information given on each page.
Working either by ourselves or with a partner we designed our own truck. It could have any feature we wanted on it so we got to use our creative imaginations. We used post-it notes to add labels and wrote captions to give people more information.
Mrs Skilton came to see us while we were designing our trucks and was very impressed.
Mrs Brown made a lovely display out of all our designs.

Big Trucks Display



During the first two weeks of Literacy we looked at a book called Dogger. It is about a little boy who loses his favourite toy.


We all brought our favourite toy in and then made our own books about losing it. Mrs Brown put all our lovely work up on a display.