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Time for reflection

Our woodland themed reflection area

Our woodland themed reflection area 1

LO: To create a class prayer that we can use during our worship.


The year 1 and 2 class prayer


Dear God,


Thank you for making such a beautiful world which includes rivers, sunrises and sunsets.


Thank you for all the wonderful animals from the little ant to the giant elephant.


Thank you for juicy fruit, delicious vegetables and for fresh water to drink. We know how lucky we are for having plenty of food and for being healthy.


Thank you for our amazing school and for our kind teachers who help us to learn lots of new and exciting things.


We especially give thanks for our lovely friends who make us laugh and for our loving families who always take care of us.




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Our Christian Value this term is


  • Term 1 = Friendship
  • Term 2 = Peace
  • Term 3 = Thankfulness
  • Term 4 = Forgiveness
  • Term 5 = Trust
  • Term 6 = Friendship
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