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This is the Jackson tartan!

Friday 22nd September


Your homework task this week is Topic based. We have started learning about a little girl called Katie Morag who lives on the Isle of Struay, we have found out that she also likes to wear something called a kilt.

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Your challenge is to choose a tartan and then use some of your cutting, folding and sticking skills to create a new kilt for Katie Morag. Please also remember to colour Katie in before you stick down her kilt!

Friday 15th September


Year 1: This week we have been looking at ordering numbers. For homework this week you have two tasks, the first is to cut out a selection of number cards and stick them onto the correct place on the number grid. The second is to identify and fill in all the missing numbers on the number line.


Year 2: This week we have been working with beadstrings and numberlines. For homework you have two tasks, the first is to identify and fill in all of the missing numbers on a numberline. The second is to use the beadstring/numberline to help you with counting in steps of 10 (this is just like the activity we did in class).

Friday 8th September


Could all Hedgehogs please spend some time reading their new reading book over the weekend and if their are any problems/difficulties could this be noted in the children's contact book.

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In year 1/2 there is a real focus on children's understanding/comprehension of the text they are reading it is not just about children being able to read the words. For additional guidance on this please see my letter that has also been sent home today in book bags, this letter can also be found in the newsletter section of our Hedgehogs page.