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The police want to catch the Big Bad Wolf for his crime against Granny and Little Red Riding Hood. He has disappeared. Can you create a wanted posted for the police to use to find him, PC Wade is in charge of this investigation! Remember to include the wolf's crime and a description of his appearance, think about describing his fur, teeth and claws!


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This week we have looked at the importance of ensuring that numbers are in the correct numerical order.

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Year 1's - Your task is to cut out and stick the missing numbers correctly on the number line. Remember once you have finished make sure you double check your answers!


Year 2's - You have some number lines in your learning journal but some of the numbers are missing, you need to fill in the blanks and remember to always double check your answers once you have finished by using a 100 square.


Our homework this week is all about getting to know each other!

The children have some different tasks where they have to explain a little bit of information about themselves as I would like to get to know them a little better!


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Here is a little bit of information all about myself, the year 2's will already know some of these facts!


Name: Mrs Jackson

Birthday: I am very lucky my birthday is always in the summer holidays!

How long have I worked at Stowting: 13 years!

Favourite colour: Bright pink but I also like silver.

My hobbies: Reading, dancing and looking after my pets.

Pets: I have a black cat called Nala, two very cheeky guinea pigs who love eating dandelions and some tropical fish.

Favourite food: I really like jacket potatoes and all types of pasta.

My favourite book: I love reading all kinds of books!

Favourite animal: I love cats!

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