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e-Safety Information

All pupils use computer facilities including Internet access as an essential part of learning, as required by the National Curriculum.  Your child will have the opportunity to access a wide range of information and communication technology (ICT) resources. This includes access to:


  • Computers, laptops and other digital devices
  • Internet which may include search engines and educational websites
  • Email
  • Digital cameras, web cams and video cameras
  • Recorders and Dictaphones

We are pleased to work closely with PCSO Mandy Kimpton of Kent Police, who runs regular seminars with both our parents and children, keeping them all up to date with this important subject.

Stowting CEP School recognises the essential and important contribution that technology plays in promoting children’s learning and development and offers a fantastic range of positive activities and experiences. However we also recognise there are potential risks involved when using online technology and therefore have developed online e-Safety policies and procedures alongside the school’s safeguarding measures.


The school takes responsibility for your child’s online safety very seriously and, as such, we ensure that pupils are educated about safe use of technology and will take every reasonable precaution to ensure that pupils cannot access inappropriate materials whilst using school equipment.


For the third year running Stowting year 6 pupils have come first in Project Salus Safety in Action. The A team scored 99 points out of 100 for the highest ever recorded score from over 500 competing schools.(our B team came second this year as well!)

For further information please see the school’s policies on e-Safety and the Acceptable Use below.


The following sites are also full of useful information for parents:-




We have been talking to the children in classes today about e-safety.  It is a subject which is constantly evolving, as technology advances and electronic access gets ever simpler.

These websites are some of the best & are very child friendly - we have this for KS1:
For KS2 - try here:

Why not spend a few minutes looking at these pages with your children & ask them what they have learned today in school to help keep them safe?

Enjoy the wonders of the Internet in a responsible manner.